Our Legal Structure

Community Benefit Society

We are a Registered Society (formerly known as Industrial and Provident Societies) and are listed as RS7923 on the Mutuals Register with the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Our legal form is that of a CBS or Bencom. Read our Rules (governing document) HERE

As a social enterprise we exist to benefit the wider community, and reinvest any profits back into the business to benefit the community we are set up to serve, ie Eastbourne in our case. Because our purpose is exclusively charitable, and we have a strong asset lock, we pass the community benefit test for HMRC purposes and are therefore recognised as a charity with the same tax benefits as registered charities. 

Eastbourne CLT is recognised by HMRC as being exempt from regulation by the Charity Commission but is nonetheless a Charitable Bencom.

The democratic structure in our Rules dictates that our membership is drawn from across the community, with each paid up £1 Member having one vote at the AGM. 

Much like a company, a Bencom can raise finance from a variety of sources. A key feature of Bencoms is the ability to advertise to potential socially minded investors. A Bencom may issue withdrawable Community Shares to raise equity finance. All other restrictions on regulated financial activities apply in the usual way. 


Our Trustees & Officers

Our team of volunteers consists of qualified and motivated professionals supported by business and construction specialists. Collectively, we have many years of experience of serving our community and together we are committed  to seeing affordable housing for key workers in Eastbourne.

Sandy Medway

Chair & Chief Officer

Sandy has founded several local charities but discovered secure housing to often be an issue for clients. As part of Habitat for Humanity in Eastbourne during the millennium years, she volunteered with many others to raise funds and support 2 Langney families with their self build homes in Faversham Road.

Chris Snook


Chris runs his own specialist Archeology Books company from home. A former Cemetery manager he is passionate about land use and preserving it for future generations to come.

Howard Medway


Howard was for 20 years a FE College Manager and Business Studies Lecturer. 

Julia Galvin


Julia runs a small business from home.

Our Members

We currently have over 70 members who have paid £1 to subscribe to our aims and have a say in how we are run. Our aim is to develop affordable homes for people in housing need.

Community Support & Goodwill

Our Affordable Housing Partner

Eastbourne Borough Council

Our journey began in April 2018 following a presentation at the Town Hall, organised by Eastbourne Borough Council, about Community Land Trusts, which was led by Graham Maunders from the Sussex Community Led Housing Hub.

We have been supported and encouraged since then by several local councillors and staff.

Our Associates

Our associates are working with us to help us achieve our aims. They are qualified and motivated professionals, who are all experts in their field, and with many years of experience.

Construction Lead

Lucas Shone

Projects Director at Boutique Modern, a family firm in Newhaven manufacturing modular housing units.

Chartered Surveyor

Verity Stevens

Chartered Building Surveyor at Lawson Queay Chartered Surveyors


Zara Coton

Associate Solicitor in the Commercial Department with Stephen Rimmer Solicitors.


John Caladine

Managing Director at Caladine Chartered Certified Accountants.

Our Community Networks

Our networks provide us with links to communities of interest nationally, regionally and locally. We learn from each other, share news and expertise, connect to other communities and support one another.

National CLT Network

The network supports over 300 CLT groups in the UK, and Eastbourne CLT has been a member for 3 years, since 2019.

Sussex Community Housing Hub

The network supports community led housing across East & West Sussex. There are CLT projects in Herstmonceux, Bexhill, Hasting, Brighton, etc.

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber links local businesses of all sizes, including social enterprises and charities.


The network covers the areas where 3 voluntary associations are operating in East Sussex.

Registered Office: Caladine Accountants, Chantry House, Upperton Road, Eastbourne,  BN22 1BF

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